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ARC Member commitment

The Association of Recruitment Consultancies (ARC) is a professional trade association dedicated to promoting recruitment business as a leading essential management resource for clients and a career and lifestyle choice for candidates.

One of ARC’s primary aims is to help identify recruiters that are committed to high standards of service, delivery and probity. Accordingly ARC requires its members to adhere to this Code of Practice, to evidence their commitment to the association’s principles and to help underpin the value in quality assurance.

Code of Practice

The overriding principle is that members act in good faith towards their clients and candidates, and at least in accordance with acceptable levels of professionalism within recruitment practice. Accordingly members commit to the following principles:

  • To be responsive to the needs of clients and candidates, taking account of the requirements expressed and all other factors that may be relevant to a particular assignment
  • To act promptly on clients instructions, providing advice and guidance where necessary to ensure the client is aware of best available options
  • To be satisfied, by obtaining requisite information, that they have suitable experience and knowledge of the client’s business to be able to introduce or supply suitable candidates
  • To treat clients and candidates with respect and always act in accordance with terms agreed, honouring obligations and commitments
  • To avoid conflicts of interest which unfairly prejudice the interests of clients or candidates
  • To keep themselves up to date with recruitment and employment related developments and ensure by the provision of training that staff are kept appraised of appropriate best practice
  • To comply with and take account of relevant legal requirements so that the interests of clients and candidates are not adversely affected
  • To act in accordance with the stated commitments of the association, thus helping to preserve and enhance the reputation of the recruitment industry.

ARC’s own commitment of service

It is reasonable that members should expect the Association and its officers to act professionally. Therefore we at ARC pledge to act with integrity, honesty and transparency in our dealings with members and others alike, to retain confidentiality wherever required and to represent members’ interests as best we can.

In addition we pledge that the Association will never act in a position of conflict of interest. For this reason the Association will not allow any person knowingly affiliated to a political party to act in a position of influence on legislative policy nor will the Association represent the minority interests of suppliers to the recruitment industry.

Our pledge is to work to the highest ethical standards befitting of a representative trade organisation.

It is not our role to police the recruitment sector or our membership, nevertheless we will address any complaint of  non compliance of our code of conduct by a member.

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