Tax Relief on Agency Worker Travel Expenses

Tax Relief on Agency Worker Travel Expenses

Agency Worker Travel Expenses

March 2016 – active

Every agency worker and contractor should be entitled to tax relief on home to work travel expenses so maximising the flexibility and benefit of the full staffing resource for employers nationwide. Also all agency workers should have the same entitlement regardless of any other status, except where sector specific rules apply – e.g. CIS, so rendering obsolete tax status rules that engender division and unfairness.

Our Chairman’s Comment

“Company or ‘genuine’ self-employed workers are set to retain travel tax benefits that will not be available to other workers, who often fall into a lower paid category, yet all are supplied through agencies and all have the same legal rights as agency workers. This inequality of treatment is unfair and encourages confusion, tax abuse and avoidance schemes – all of which are detrimental to the recruitment industry.

Our campaign for one rule for all agency workers, regardless of status, makes sense from every perspective. A new and refreshing approach is required to get away from the complexity that currently exists and we believe our campaign summarises what is needed. Now is the time for progressive change and we call upon the industry to support our efforts.”

What can you do?

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