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ARC Manifesto 

Commenced September 2016 – activeARC Manifesto

With Ministers considering trade relations post Brexit, high on their list will be the attraction the UK holds for both internal and external investors. ARC believes that now is the best time to promote a modern and progressive vision for the recruitment industry and labour relations. That is why we have launched our manifesto for change where we call on government to:

  • adopt a single, positive, overarching policy towards the recruitment sector;
  • scrap antiquated tests in the agency tax rules and implement a tax payment policy based on supply as the common factor;
  • create a tax relief policy for all agency workers;
  • implement a joined up tax approach; and
  • remove the ability for an agency worker to claim employment rights against a hirer.

Our Chairman’s Comment

“None of us can know the outcome of Brexit. We could have a total split from the EU, or we could find ourselves signing up to the single market and all its rules. The legislative change that will need to be made will be a repeal of the European Communities Act 1972, and the repealing measure will almost certainly preserve everything that is currently in place at the time, namely all those laws that have been made pursuant to EU legislation and ECJ rulings.

Whatever the outcome, there is a strong sense that change is afoot, new ministers have different ideas; a change of direction for the UK is very much on the cards. There is a sense of “out with the old” and “in with the new”, and at least 50% of voters believe that Brexit holds a bright new future.

As a leading trade association, ARC’s primary objective is to support our members, and build on that future. Today there are a host of issues which, when combined, paint an unhappy and negative scenario that does not encourage an efficient and productive recruitment industry. Often used as a scapegoat by politicians and others involved in labour relations, this industry is hugely valuable, adding significantly to the UK’s economy. The administration and risk that arises as a consequence largely interferes with what should be the straightforward process of supplying a worker or contractor to a hirer.

We believe our practical, common sense call for change has a real appeal and is an agenda and a vision that will enlist widespread support. As an industry we simply cannot ignore the benefits of success.

To facilitate this and ensure that we follow up all options for improvement we have created a Brexit committee to drive through this agenda.”

What can you do?

Collectively, we can push for the government to adopt a single comprehensive policy across all its departments, to reverse their current negative attitude towards the industry and to embrace a positive approach.

To help persuade government we need a united front to gain maximum appeal, it’s time we all worked together as an industry. Support ARC and join as a core member.

If you’d like to participate in our Brexit committee, whether as a recruitment business member or an adviser, email info@arc-org.net ir call 01273 777 997.

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