IR35 Rules & the Public Sector

IR35 and the Public Sector –  a united call for change

Commenced December 2016 – active

The new IR35 public sector rules are set to apply from 6 April 2017. ARC IR35 rules believes that the government’s approach is overly complex, unduly onerous on agencies, unworkable in practice and potentially unlawful. It is ARC’s intention to gather support across the recruitment sector and hold government accountable for the negative impact this legislation could have on the industry.

If you service the public sector with limited company contractors, you should already be aware of the new IR35 rules. There is a risk that if successful those rules could easily be rolled out to the private sector, so affecting all contractor supply. That is unless we can do something to stop them.

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ARC ‘fighting fund’ to challenge this legislation.

Whether or not you are a member please help our effort by contributing to our fighting fund. If you agree this and other legislation, such as the apprenticeship levy, disproportionately affects your business and should be challenged, that the best way to achieve a fairer legislative platform is if we all work together with one voice, and you are keen to be on the inside track, then please call us on 01273 777997.

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