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Connecting specialist recruiters with employers, TheJobPost is the UK’s leading online recruitment marketplace. We give you immediate access to brand new vacancies and employers, so you can generate more revenue without needing to cold call, negotiate fees or tender for business. TheJobPost also enables any recruiter to offer a contract solution, freeing you from the financial burden of ‘pay when paid.’

Benefits of TheJobPost include:
Access to relevant jobs & networking opportunities

Immediate notification of new vacancies so you can provide relevant CVs quickly
Jobs accessible via mobile so you can work on the move
Attend Recruitment Leaders Connect, the largest event series in the UK recruitment space
Access to employers

Easy online CV submission ensuring speed of engagement with employers
Unlike other recruitment marketplaces we provide direct access to employers via an agency briefing, most of which you will not have worked with before
Beneficial commercial model

You retain full fee, simply paying a nominal fee to engage on the job if you have a suitable candidate
Pre-agreed terms and conditions saving you time negotiating with the employer
Full payroll administration to enable for contract placements for all recruiters
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