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Employment Agency

Taylor Harrison is a boutique executive search and interim management firm focused exclusively on sourcing senior talent in Risk Management, Compliance and Audit for leading banks and financial services providers around the world.
With a determination to build upon our proven track record, and a meticulous, results-driven, consultative approach to acquiring the best talent, we are the specialist provider of choice for many of the most ambitious and demanding players in banking and financial services.
From our very first mandate in 1999 to the present day Taylor Harrison has successfully completed over 450 assignments in 31 countries.

Executive Search
Executive Search is a pro-active and systematic approach to hiring, most appropriate to key-critical roles where talent is scarce and difficult to attract. Search brings the key advantage of accessing the wider talent pool, bringing ‘passive’ candidates into consideration.
At Taylor Harrison we make use of our extensive international network and in-house database of contacts, combined with bespoke targeted research, to identify and approach individuals with directly relevant abilities and experience for your requirements.

Interim Management
Taylor Harrison’s Interim Management provision enables clients to access talented Risk Management, Compliance and Audit professionals on a fixed and/or short-term basis.
Interim Management can be an effective solution to a range of business needs including organisations undergoing significant change, seeking expert help with specific projects, or simply requiring immediate cover whilst an Executive Search is being conducted.

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0870 746 1100

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Meridian House, A1 Endeavour Place, Coxbridge Business Park, Farnham, Surrey, GU10 5EH

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