The Conservative opposition to an early implementation of the Temporary Agency Worker’s Directive reflects the view of industry representatives.

Responding to the TUC’s expression of disappointment at the Conservative announcement, the Association of Recruitment Consultancies (ARC) chairman, Adrian Marlowe, said:

“The unions should get real. The constant call for more rights for “exploited” agency workers would better stand up if some real compelling evidence of widespread current exploitation could be established. In the absence of that evidence a call for an immediate implementation of the Directive leaves one wondering who the unions are representing, particularly if the result is at the expense of loss of employment by many others.

As things stand the EU has allowed a 3 year timescale for implementation. It makes absolute sense for that time to be used to ensure not only that the implementing legislation is got right, but also to allow the maximum opportunity for those recently unemployed to return to work. ARC has called upon the government to delay for these very reasons”.