Following the announcement by Lawspeed to hold a conference on IR35 on 19th September, ARC is pleased to announce that it is sponsoring the event.

Adrian Marlowe, chairman of ARC said, “In 2017 our members challenged the then impending public sector IR35 rules. Although our challenge was due to be considered by the Treasury Select Committee, the planned hearing never took place due to the intervening parliamentary election being called. As such the public sector rules are now well established and it is no surprise that they are to be extended to the private sector from April 2020.”

“We are pleased to sponsor Lawspeed’s event because along with two government speakers plus presentations from commercial and legal experts, it will provide an opportunity to fully explore the myths and inconsistencies surrounding this controversial subject matter and provide attendees with clear options for planning a positive way ahead.”

“ARC will continue to press for clarity and more guidance around the rules. Ultimately we would like to see changes to the definition of employment status, making it more easily understandable whenever a non-employment contract is used.”