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All members are recruitment consultancies that have agreed to abide by our standards and have met the criteria, including references, necessary for membership. Member websites can be accessed by click through from the relevant member. Our current members are:

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Business Description

M² Educators are a team of professionals who believe that teaching is universal. We help bring educators from different countries to help with the shortage of professional Mathematics and Science teachers in the UK. M² Educators has built itself around highly qualified teachers with effective pedagogical skills making us a valuable resource to both schools and academies. As we deal with international teachers, we have a very strong support structure from the moment they join us, making sure that they have a smooth transition into their new chapter of life. Our support is continued into their professional development too, working closely with our partners to ensure progression, achievement and future development for our teachers. Another unique attribute of our teachers is their ability to teach the new curriculum up to and including Key stage 5.

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0121 247 9112

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Head Office

M² House, 113 Oldknow Road, Birmingham. B10 0JA

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